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Pamycarie SS18 Blossom 溢櫻

「江戶時代的良寬和尚去世前留下了一句著名的詩句: 散る桜 残る桜も 散る桜



Cherry blossom trees let go of their flowers. As the cycle repeats, all of them will return to where they belong.

♡ About Pamycarie ♡

費時費神,用雙手創造出獨有風格。 都市如此擁擠,大家都過著相似的日子,現代人尋盡方法展示個人風格,而飾品,就是我們的小舞台。我們秉持著兩個理念:美麗、獨特,所以一直堅持親手設計及製作商品,更歡迎客製化,選擇最愛的花搭配最美的色調,希望每位都可以找到專屬於自己的美麗。

Pamycarie is a couture floral jewellery brand from Hong Kong. All goods are well designed and handmade by their artists. They wish to create unique visual articulations that popular markets and mass productions could never provide. They feel that there is something unexplored about flowers, so that they maximise the possibilities in flower making by following their own aesthetics. All kinds of tailor-made are highly welcomed.

♡ Credits ♡

Director & Cinematographer: Daniel Teo, Carrie Yung

Art Director: Carrie Yung, Pamela Yung

Editor: Carrie Yung

Assistant: Eunice Wong

Make Up Artist: Ella Tse

Model: Cindy Wan

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