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Pamycarie The Strawberry Kisses LIMITED EDITION Aurora | 2018 Winter

幻彩極光再次為戀愛拉開序幕。 Limited Edition. The Strawberry Kisses: Aurora. 極光女神歐若拉為大地帶來的最好的禮物,彩光隨星塵流動,記錄下戀愛中每一次心動。 Aurora聖誕限量全系列現可於官方網站搶先觀看及購買! Official Online Store:

♡ Team ♡ Director: Carrie Yung Art Team: Pamela Yat Yi Yung Queenie Chow Kiwi Wong Homi Ho Videographer: Daniel Teo TEO-S Wardrobe: Kanalili Embroidery: Doris Hung Makeup Artist: Ella Tse MakeUp Model: Sarah Smits

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