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1 To 1 Prototyping for Spatial Design - Solidify Void

Studio Exhibition | "1 To 1 Prototyping for Spatial Design" by Environment and Interior (EID) student.

This project encourage us to design through our hands and to be inspired directly from various construction materials.

We were asked to observe the material behaviors, and to extract the inherent quality, and eventually to reveal it through specific fabrication technique and crafting process.


Looking at the empty void was once solidify

Lines and marks that revealed on the surface,

suggested the hints of its past.

The surface of rough concrete emerges soft and thin lines,

Just like the wrinkles of an old lady that marked endless stories in her life.

What is she trying to tell us?

Black burnt marks started occupying the vision.

Scars and the edges of broken parts adds dimension to the untold story.

Finally, the image of a burning tree trunk glimpsed by.

Various spatial qualities and fabrication technique were introduced.The exhibition is opened for public now at 10/F Innovation Tower until 30 March, 2016.Read more:


Kuo Jze Yi

1 To 1 Prototyping for Spatial Design students

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