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Interpretation of Spatial Qualities

In the Capstone project - Hong Kong's Cabinet of Craft Curiosities, a drawing has been presented to show the abstract interpretation of the application of tiles.

1000x600mm, water color on 100% cotton sheet.

"Spatial Interpretation". 1000x600mm, water color on 100% cotton sheet.

Craftsmanship is a project in own right. The beauty of craftsmanship points towards the craftsman’s attributes, manifested in each and every object they produce. Through the research on “Made in Hong Kong” and the context of craftsmanship, the relationship between crafting and society is questioned. To this effect the project repositions a re-awareness of crafting, against homogeneity of sameness and standardization in favour of a diverse heterogeneity, not at mass products but a way of spatializing the needs and creativity of the individual.

The Cabinet of Curiosity allows for altering, redefining and relocating discarded creations into spatial elements, as a collection of memory. In each produced object or elements, processes and history is mirrored in multiple layers and textures of craftsmanship that hopefully will infiltrate into the future of the Anthropocene.

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