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Passing and Becoming | 逝與生







本作品透過一個由樹脂製成的漏斗原理的彫塑,以及玻璃容器所構成的裝置,展示生命的脆弱和美麗的轉換。脆弱的手掌皮囊在滿滿的透明樹脂液體支撐下, 呈現半透明狀態;隨著樹脂液從上層容器漏至下層, 另一隻手在樹脂膠折射下變得浮腫及晃動。這一過程不僅代表著物質形式的消失與再現,也象徵著靈魂的轉移,以及在生命另一階段的重生。裝置的循環為14天。

Yung Yat Yeung Carrie

"Passing and Becoming"


Epoxy resin, glass container, video

Size Variable

The beauty of life lies in how we understand the seamless transition between the end and the beginning. In the past, I saw death as a lonely, empty descent, but my understanding shifted with the departure of a loved one. As people say, the soul weighs 21 grams, and I believe that when the soul leaves the body, it does not disappear. Instead, it moves to another dimension, filling some form of the void. Death is not an end but a beautiful transformation and rebirth.

This work shows the fragility and beautiful transformation of life through a sculpture made of resin based on the principle of a funnel and an installation composed of glass containers. The fragile palm skin is translucent when supported by the full transparent resin liquid. As the resin liquid leaks from the upper container to the lower layer, the other hand becomes swollen and shakes under the refraction of the resin glue. This process not only represents the disappearance and reappearance of material form, but also symbolizes the transfer of soul and rebirth in another stage of life. The cycle of the dripping device is 14 days.


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