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"Glocalization" - Vernacular Lingnan Architecture

The main theme of the study is ‘glocalization’ as defined by Roland Robertson. Under the influence of globalization, a cultural process of ‘glocalization’ occurred in the Lingnan region, which influenced the formation of the built environment.

It consists of ‘a complex interaction of global (Western) and local (Lingnan vernacular) elements’, resulting in a kind of cultural ‘inclusiveness’ and ‘hybridity’.

This process is well embodied and exemplified in the harmonization/eclecticism of Lingnan vernacular architecture established from the late nineteenth to the early twentieth century, which deserves our attention in the search of the cultural identity of Canton/Hong Kong.

This exhibition is part of the study of the course 'SD4562 CAPSTONE RESEARCH'. The object of study is the vernacular Lingnan architecture: arcade buildings, watchtowers and an ancestor hall. First hand data collection, interviews and qualitative research are applied for studying the spatial, cultural and aesthetic aspects of the architecture.


"Glocalization" - by BA(Hons) Environment and Interior Design Year 4 (2016/2017) students

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