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Interviewing YYYCARRIE - PolyU Design Annual Show TUTORS' CHOICE

"What design is about to our students? Three Tutors' Choice project designers shared their views and what they have learned in School of Design in the past four years.

Interviewees: - KO Chun KC, BA(Hons) in Product Design [Project: X-border] - Sarah-Arifah-Imran, BA(Hons) in Environment & Interior Design [Project: Journey Beneath the Skin] - YUNG Yat Yeung, Carrie, BA(Hons) in Environment & Interior Design [Project: Hong Kong's Cabinet of Craft Curiosities]"

Craftsmanship is a project in own right. The beauty of craftsmanship points towards the craftsman’s attributes, manifested in each and every object they produce. Through the research on ‘Made in Hong Kong’ and the context of craftsmanship, the relationship between crafting and society is questioned. To this effect the project repositions a re-awareness of crafting, against homogeneity of sameness and standardisation in favour of a diverse heterogeneity, not at mass products but a way of spatialising the needs and creativity of the individual.

The Cabinet of Curiosity allows for altering, redefining and relocating discarded creations into spatial elements, as a collection of memory. In each produced object or elements, processes and history is mirrored in multiple layers and textures of craftsmanship that hopefully will infiltrate into the future of the Anthropocene.

More About PolyU Design Annual Show 理大設計年展 2017:

PolyU Design Annual Show 2017

Date: 1/6 - 15/7 (Closed on Sundays)

Time: 11:30-19:30

Location: PolyU School of Design Innovation Tower

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